Osteopathy appointments are available outside of work hours at the following locations:
Wimbledon: Saturday mornings (Irene Crossley), Tuesdays until 8pm (Carlo Dore) and Thursdays from 8am (Carlo Dore)
Hinchley Wood: Tuesday evenings (Emily Chhabra)
life coaching

Life & Career Coaching and NLP

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching with NLP is a powerful and effective way for people to make important, lasting changes in their life. People come to coaching for many reasons such as setting goals and new directions, work and personal relationships, decision making, increasing confidence, breaking bad habits, phobias or just dealing with difficult life situations.

Coaching works by questioning and challenging your assumptions and habits. A coach will help you broaden your perspective and understanding of a situation or problem, offering choices where none previously seemed available. A coach will support you to find the best outcomes for you.

We are all amazing, talented individuals, but sometimes in certain areas of our lives, we forget that, and fail to access our many other skills and abilities. Our job is to help make all of your experience, talents and resources available to you whenever you need them.

Muriel is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner with over 20 years experience working with people as a Manager, Coach and Trainer.

If there is something in your life that you would like to change, please call so we can talk about how coaching can help you.

Sessions are one hour and cost £85.

0208 543 6027 / 07710 240 585


Muriel McClymont

Clinic Times
Variable throughout the week - by appointment


To book a session or to find out more, contact Muriel on 0208 543 6027 / 07710 240 585 or visit www.lumiercoaching.co.uk