Hip pain is the source of a significant number of medical appointments in the UK each year on account of it being the main area for force transmission between the legs and spine. Being so intrinsically involved in both weight bearing and locomotion, the hip has to withstand a lot of force on a daily basis and offers propulsion for walking and running.

Why should you visit an osteopath for hip pain?

People of all ages can get hip problems. Some are genetic shape issues which may only come to light in middle age as the joint space narrows through natural degenerative joint changes associated with the normal aging process.

Athletes are at risk from trauma-related problems and can damage the softer outer edge of the socket called the labrum. Abdominal muscle injury can mimic hip joint issues, so sometimes MRI scanning is needed to confirm the root cause of a person’s pain.

Contrary to where most of us would describe where our hips are (especially when we say we are standing with our hands on our hips!), the main site of joint pain is usually located in the groin. As there are a lot of muscles attaching along that region, it is important to rule out the cause of the issue. As a result, osteopaths are trained to determine, via history and examination, what sort of problem people may have and are well-equipped to help rehabilitate injured tissues.

We may use some massage work, stretching, joint mobility, ultra-sound, Shock-wave therapy or exercises to improve hip health. In addition, it is likely that our team would also consider the mechanics of your foot/ ankle, knee and pelvis/ spine, to assist recovery, since joints never work in isolation and are really part of a “team”.

Some conditions you may have heard of, that we would be able to help relieve symptoms associated with, are:

  • Osteo-arthritic change
  • Labral tears
  • CAM/ pincer impingement syndrome
  • Trochanteric Bursitis
  • Tendinopathy and tendinitis

If you have any pain in the hip or groin area and would like our team to take a look, please  book an appointment- we’d be happy to help.

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