If you are struggling with muscular spasms it is important to seek out a registered qualified healthcare professional that can quickly help to give you pain relief.

Painful and commonly experienced by all of us from time to time, your muscular pain can be treated by our Osteopathic team. We will assess your symptoms make a swift diagnosis and design a treatment plan to help alleviate your muscular pain as quickly as possible.

Causes of Muscular Spasms

Muscular spasm may caused by either direct damage to muscle (e.g. pulling a hamstring whilst running) or as a protective contracture, which is often nature’s way of creating a splint to protect an underlying fault. Our osteopaths will help to diagnose your complaint and offer advice and treatment on how best to alleviate your muscular spasms.
With experienced osteopaths,  providing convenient locations for the care of muscular complaints. We can usually find you an appointment within 24 hours and even offer appointments early morning and late evening, and on Saturday mornings, to cater for most busy peoples’ timetables. Conveniently, you can now book on-line.

Muscle Spasms and Pains

What are muscle spasms and pains? Muscle spasms and pains are the spontaneous contractions within muscle tissue – often the body’s method of protecting damaged structures, or as a means to protect itself from injury. Muscle spasms in the back can be caused by a muscle strain, a sprained muscle, or an underlying condition. Whatever the cause, our insurance company registered team will be able to offer help and advice – often encouraging patients to adopt a self-help regimen of home exercises to speed up recovery.
Your osteopath will always complete a case history (questionnaire) about your condition, perform a physical examination, which may include some more medical tests if necessary to ensure that osteopathy is the correct and appropriate treatment for you (e.g. test your reflexes, blood tests, etc.).
Before applying the gentle osteopathic techniques your osteopath will discuss your condition, explain the problem including the treatment and plan to help improve and resolve it. Exercises and advice on lifestyle and posture are often given when indicated.
Whatever the cause of your muscle spasm, it is important that the treatment you receive results is a swift resolution to your pain. Quick pain relief is top of most peoples list.
Your osteopath can give you advice and show you exercises, based on the latest research, on how to avoid recurrent muscular spasm injuries.

Muscle Spasm Facts

  • Spasms may affect many different types of muscles in the body, leading to many different symptoms and presentations.
  • Spasms of skeletal muscles are most common and are commonly treated by osteopaths. They are often due to dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities. The spasm may occur abruptly, can be painful, and is usually short-lived. It may be relieved by gently stretching the muscle.
  • If muscle spasms are especially painful, if they do not resolve or if they reoccur, medical care should be accessed to look for possible underlying causes.

Muscle Spasms Treatment

In treating back muscle spasms, it is very important to diagnose the underlying problem and the treatment should be sensibly directed at this underlying cause. Unless the underlying problem is evaluated, discovered, and treated, the back muscle spasms will tend to reoccur. Our philosophy at Back On Track Healthcare is to treat the cause, not the symptom. Muscle cramps may be treated or prevented by taking Gingko (Ginkgo Biloba) or Japanese quince (Chaenomeles speciosa). Supplements of vitamin E, niacin, calcium, and magnesium may also help. Taken at bedtime, they may help to reduce the likelihood of night cramps.

Muscular Spasm Prevention

A regular home-stretching routine, which your osteopath can advise you upon, may reduce the likelihood of developing muscle pain.
Our aim is to see people as soon as possible to relieve their symptoms. Our osteopaths undertake a high level of training to understand the complexities of spinal anatomy and are fully insured and registered with the General Osteopathic Council. They have a wide experience base in treating all types of Muscle Spasms and use a variety of techniques to achieve the best results. Combining massage techniques, joint manipulation, electrotherapy and a rehabilitation exercise regimes, our osteopaths take a look at you from a holistic perspective to ensure the best possible care is given. Every individual is treated differently and we personalize our treatment plan so that it is tailored to your lifestyle.

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