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Knee Joint Pain

A lot of people who suffer with knee joint pain are not aware that there are actually many causes of knee joint pain – not all of which are bony in origin.

A lot of people who suffer with knee joint pain are not aware that there are actually many causes of knee joint pain – not all of which are bony in origin. For example, pain at the back of the knee may be related to a swelling known as a Baker’s Cyst. Alternatively there may be muscular spasm causing this pain, coming from perhaps a hamstring muscle. Similarly pain at the front of the knee may be coming from the main knee joint (tibio-femoral joint), from the knee-cap (patella-femoral joint) or from cartilage (meniscus), which acts as a shock absorber.

In summer, our clinics in Wimbledon, Hinchley Wood and Woking, tend to treat people who are trying to get into the sunshine to keep fit- usually opting for a jog around the block or heading towards Richmond Park or the Surrey Hills for a bike ride.

Remember to warm up and down before and after your exercise to minimize the risk of injury.

In the winter, at the start of the rugby and football season, pitches are still hard and many players will experience knee joint pain. Wearing studded boots for field sports like rugby and football is another cause of some knee problems, especially affecting the cartilage and ligament tissues.

Knee Joint Pain

We stand with our body weight creating friction with the ground and the studs increasing this traction by creating a mini foundation, this results in us being more stable. Whilst usually a useful mechanism, on occasions, especially if you twist through your knee to change direction, the studs can get locked in the ground and the torsional force will travel through the knee joint which can result in trauma.

The usual signs of this type of damage are immediate swelling and pain, and a feeling of instability when walking or putting weight through the affected limb. In these circumstances, use an ice pack on your knee to minimize the swelling (known as an effusion). Wrap the ice pack in a thin damp cloth to avoid a cold burn and apply for no more than 10 minutes, but it is a good idea to repeat this hourly if possible, before you seek medical attention.

It’s important to take proper care as painful knee joints can cause long term discomfort and ruin a season.

Another common cause of knee joint pain is actually pain which originates elsewhere – commonly from the hip. If this is the case, it is important that your therapist performs a thorough examination, and does not just consider the local region where you feel your knee pain- they may miss something important is they don’t take a broad and holistic approach.

Knee Joint Pain Relief

Whether your knee joint pain is coming from bone, muscle, ligament or cartilage, it is important that the treatment you receive results is a swift resolution to your pain. Quick relief is top of most people’s list.Knee Joint Pain

At Back On Track Healthcare we aim to establish the cause of your knee pain by listening to a case history. Perhaps it is a running or exercise related injury? Maybe it is due to arthritis (wear and tear), or just muscular weakness or imbalance. Whatever the cause, our insurance company registered team will be able to offer help and advice- often encouraging patients to adopt a self-help regimen of home exercises to speed up recovery.

Knee Joint Pain Treatment

The aim of treatment should be to see people as soon as possible to relieve their knee joint pain. Our osteopaths undertake a high level of training to understand the complexities of knee joint anatomy and are fully insured and registered with the General Osteopathic Council. They have a wide experience base in treating all types of knee injury and use a variety of techniques to achieve the best results. Combining massage techniques, joint manipulation, electrotherapy and a rehabilitation exercise régime, our osteopaths take a look at you from a holistic perspective to ensure the best possible care is given. Every individual is treated differently and we personalize our treatment plan so that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Based on your mechanism of injury, your therapist or our team of osteopaths at Back On Track Healthcare, will consider your knee pain symptoms and offer an accurate clinical diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan to help alleviate your knee pain fast.

For partial tears to ligaments and cartilage (called menisci), a good osteopath or manual therapist will be able to undertake your rehabilitation, but if the tear is a complete rupture of these tissues, you may require surgery to mend the problem.

It is important to most people to find a local osteopath who has experience in the treatment of knee joint pain, who offers caring, affordable treatment and can get you back to full fitness as soon as possible.

You should make sure which ever therapist you choose is registered with their relevant governing body and carries full insurance. If you are local to us, we have three clinics around Surrey and South West London so can offer convenient locations for the treatment of knee pain and can usually find you an appointment within 24 hours. We also offer appointments outside of regular working hours, with early and late slots offered, as well as running a Saturday clinic, so can cater for most busy peoples’ timetables. If you think you could benefit from being checked over, please feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


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