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Peace & Love – Protocols for injury treatment

Our Osteopath Cindy describes the latest protocols behind injury treatment based on the latest evidence from medical journals

Your Sprained ankle needs PEACE & LOVE.

For many years we have been taught that a sprained ankle should be treated using Rest Ice Compression and Elevation, commonly known as the RICE principle (van den Bekerom, 2012), however there is very little research evidence to support this practice.

If I shouldn’t be using the RICE principle what should I do? I hear you say, well read on…

Current research conducted by Dubois, B & Esculier J-F in 2020 identified a management system using the acronyms PEACE & LOVE.  PEACE = Protection, Elevation, Avoid anti-inflammatories, Compression which covers the acute management of your sprained ankle and is followed by LOVE= Load, Optimism, Vascularisation & Exercise for the rehabilitation management. If you would like to read this free article it can be accessed here

Rehabilitation is important after an ankle sprain as there is an increased risk of reinjury without it of between 12% and 47% (Herzog, M et al, 2019).

(Image from: Dubois B, Esculier J-F (2020), Soft tissue injuries simply need PEACE and LOVE)

We as your Osteopaths are able to assist you through the management and rehabilitation process involved in an ankle sprain to decrease your risk of reinjury and get you back to optimal performance.

Or you can speak to one of our lovely reception team who will find a time to suit you, on 020 8545 0965.


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